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In the beginning there was land…

Mother nature. The great outdoors. Over billions of years the continents were formed and in the most recent millions of years Nebraska was created complete with landscapes, waters, soils and climates in which evolved and thrived the fauna and flora. Then people arrived, first with what some call Natives, then the New Americans and ultimately the Moderns, all of whose activities focused on food, shelter, religion, education and recreation. It can be that simple. Surely, something is missing. This Web based narrative only scratches the surface and calls for a deeper look. Go Back to the Land.

The land we call Nebraska was formed by processes dating back billions of years and is today 77,000 square miles of diverse bedrock, landscapes, climates, soils, waters, plants, animals, micro-organisms and human populations. Before people arrived Nebraska was simply land. 



Landscapes, Soils, Waters & Climate

Nebraska’s landscapes are diverse. The soils rich in nutrients and full of natural water sources. And the four season climate runs all throughout Nebraska. […]

Animals of Nebraska

Speaking of Nebraska fauna, that is animals, one can start a few million years ago. According to science writer Bob Strauss, (The Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Nebraska) […]

Plants of Nebraska

When one goes back to the Land in Nebraska one has plenty of company, whether in their backyard, on their windowsill planter or out in rural Nebraska.  Much of that company will be plant life. […]

The first Nebraska peoples known as Plains Indians or tribes are descendants of succeeding cultures of indigenous peoples who have occupied the area for thousands of years. […]

It was mentioned that the First Peoples were of numerous tribes from the Sioux in the west to the Omaha in the East. They were here in Nebraska for thousands of years before countries such as […]

Modern Nebraskans really came into being with the introduction of several technologies. Electricity was the big one, and was the platform for the communications. […]

Peoples of all continents, especially Europe, started to arrive hundreds of years ago and with the first peoples today make up the diverse human population of approximately two million Nebraskans.  

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Food and shelter drove the people. Spirituality and religions expanded the people’s lives. Education and entertainment became the focus of every community and household.

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